Arifureta Illustrations for Arc 5

Fast and quick update, Arc 5 now inlcudes the recently published illustrations

If you ahvent read it yet you should try, otherwhise you can find them here:


Dane / 22 Jan 2017 16:26
Love this series....  Can't wait for more...  Such great characters, the protagonist is AMAZING...  Yue and Shia are down...  Hope to see possibly Yaegashi get her turn soon...  ;-)
eCookie / 22 Jan 2017 20:29
One more chapter from ElementalCobalt and I cna make the next Arc
Weiss / 23 Jan 2017 0:24
thank you i really love this series
Yeruyeru / 25 Jan 2017 3:17
WOOHOO!! At last it's getting an update! Too bad the illustration got pushed all the way near the credits and not in the "right" places (in my opinion). Well anyways thanks eCookie

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