That Person, Later on. . . NEW!

A misunderstanding novel.

MC pretty much has a pure maiden's heart causing him to run at full sprint ,which is incredibly fast since he overpowered.

If you like comedy story, then this is the one you should read.


iStap / 1 Dec 2016 21:54
Really, Nice that you are posting so many ePubs the last days. 

Sincere Istap
Ainz Ooal Gown / 4 Dec 2016 8:52
Hope you enjoyed reading it ^^
jin / 5 Dec 2016 1:56
its shit
jin / 5 Dec 2016 1:56
hes too pitiful its is entirely shit
Weiss / 5 Dec 2016 7:46
i know that some people have different kind of genre that they like so for jin you shouldnt trash talk other novel if you can't make it or even translated this.

As for Ainz i hope you translate this novel more faster since i like this kind of novel (meaning i love overpowered character since it is fun to read) furthermore i love fantasy genre so keep up the good work

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