Risou no Himo Seikatsu Volume 4 and stuff

Hey all !

Between two parties, let's read something more or less relaxing, Risou vol 4. The pdf will come a little later, I can't convert from this laptop. I'll also try to hunt down any series lacking their pdf, I'm pretty sure there is quite a number of them..

Another thing is the requests page. It's a first step to bring back the old [On The Pipes]. I don't know if I'll fully bring it back, but here is our full internal backlog available anyway. You can see there what have been requested, what we are working on, and you can also directly request something !
For now it's quite hidden and accessible from the contact page.


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Daru / 27 Dec 2016 20:29
Funny that all I want is taken by Nephery, we both have good taste. Lol
Well, I followed a lot more Nephery's blog when it was still online, I just hated mega (it's blocked in my country, it's a bit annoying reaching it.), so it isn't a surprise.
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Nephery / 28 Dec 2016 5:38
Good thing I migrated to Armaell's. ;)

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