Parasite in Love

Another Fafoo novel, another quote.

Unlike the other two novels which quoted John Lennon & The Beatles, the author of this quote isn't so obviously well known. This time around it's from a guy named Moises Velasquez-Manoff, the author of "An Epidemic of Absence"...

Yep, I definitely have no clue who that is.

By the way, did you guys notice? I didn't release on a weekend for once! Recently, the weekend has been really been getting too overcrowded with releases.

Also, I've been messing around with the title page and now it actually looks like a proper one of an actual book! I've also taken advantage of Armaell's quote template for... well... properly formatted quotes. That too looks great and I'll probably fix the quotes in other Fafoo novels at some point, but no promises.

Now here's a message from the translator, vgperson. I think it'll give you a pretty good idea of what kind of story this will be:

Warning: The story involves topics of compulsive disorders, suicide, and depression. There’s an age gap between the main characters (27 and 17), but the story is aware of it and handles it well enough. And there is discussion of the behavior of and diseases caused by various parasites, which can be a little unnerving.


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KawaiiDesuChan / 16 Dec 2016 12:30
ill summarize this with a haiku~

Worm, Worm, Worm, Worm, Worm
Nematode, Flatworm, Glowworm
Worm, Worm, Worm, Worm, Worm, 
                                                     -KawaiiDesuChan 2016
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Daru / 18 Dec 2016 17:57
Thaaaaank you. 
I finished it in one sitting. 
It started as a Sugaru Miaki  novel and ended as one. 
My feels~~~

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