Official now, best epubs here on Armaell´s Library

Heyho, I wasted spend  5 hours to fix my entire epub collection instead of watching Netflix learning for my exams.

90% of my epubs can now be uploaded to Google Books are totally valid, means every reader should have 0 problems to open them

Few examples:

Following novels are now in perfect state and can be uploaded to Google Books as epub:

  • Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou
  • Ark: The Legend
  • Dragons Bloodline
  • Forsaken Hero
  • Lazy Dungeon Master
  • Skeleton Knight
  • The Man Picked up by the Gods
  • Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu
  • Ulitmate Antihero
  • Vampire Princess
  • I Reincarnated into an Otome Game as a Villainess With Only Destruction Flags
  • The Guilds Cheat Receptionist

Fixed novels but Google Books doesnt accept them for a reason(Uploaded by tomorrow, upload is crashing atm):

  • Gun-Ota
  • Neet


Reyfista Pangestu's avatar Reyfista Pangestu's avatar Reyfista Pangestu's avatar
Reyfista Pangestu / 30 Dec 2016 15:24
For those who want to manage the epub library i recommend FBreader. The Android apps are good and the online library also available, the uploaded epub can be categorized as author, title, series, etc.
DELETED's avatar DELETED's avatar DELETED's avatar
DELETED / 30 Dec 2016 16:47
Sticking with Moon+ Reader, much better in my opinion
Loct's avatar Loct's avatar Loct's avatar
Loct / 2 Jan 2017 10:15
+1 to this
Too bad we could not organize our epubs in Google Play Books
Dark Sloth's avatar Dark Sloth's avatar Dark Sloth's avatar
Dark Sloth / 31 Dec 2016 5:08
Personally I enjoy eReader Prestigio, allows you to easily and very quickly import all docs. Separate them by series, create folders, and move said doc to those folders. Also includes a text to speech option to read epubs out loud for car rides etc. I've tried both moon+ and FBREADER, and while good I haven't found a better one then eReader. Only problem is it has some trouble with images, depending on how the epub was made, but the images can still be viewed so it's not a problem in the long run.
Oozebull's avatar Oozebull's avatar Oozebull's avatar
Oozebull / 30 Dec 2016 15:26
The Man Picked up by the Gods v1 still have translation mistakes in the prologue that makes it unreadable unless you know what's going on. Example:

"As such, there isn’t any reason for me to particularly make a fuss, right? In the case that I’ve already truly died, even if I make a fuss now nothing will change. And besides it’s not like I have any attachments to my previous life.” [Young Boy God]"

This sentance is not said by the Young Boy God as indicated, but is instead said by Ryoma. There are a couple of examples of this here. Unsure about the rest of the series.
Loct's avatar Loct's avatar Loct's avatar
Loct / 2 Jan 2017 10:12
Many thanks
The Man Picked up by the Gods vol 3 and 4 used to be invalid on Google Play Books :D
swhp's avatar swhp's avatar swhp's avatar
swhp / 8 Jan 2017 8:00
Actually I interested with this "best ePub quality" and want to make mine as good as yours, but I wonder is that true if our ePub can be uploaded into Google Books it's mean it can be opened by any ePub reader?

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