I Got Reincarnated And Mistaken As A Genius? NEW

Have you ever heard this novel? 
It has plenty of nice comedy bits that can really make you burst out laughing! 
Also one of the best misunderstanding ever both mother and son.

You should read this.


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Nephery / 27 Nov 2016 22:58
" where he meets the **Canadian** girl Alice"

Well that's rare.
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Weiss / 28 Nov 2016 6:39
I already finish reading this novel and i really like it. but the novel only have 270 plus page it is so short would you mind translate more of this work. keep up the good work

note: why english literature choose this kind of book so that is easier to read 
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Suresh / 29 Nov 2016 12:50
Thanks for the translation, 

Keep up the good work

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