Hey there, time for me to conquer the internet... Maybe?

So, hey, my name is Artres, and I've recently become an author on Armaell's Library (as odd as that sounds...)

Well, my novel is 'The End of Peace and the Coming of Heroes', wait, you've probably already realized that since it's going to be linked to this post huh. For more information about it just click the link, but for now some important notes.

There's currently a few chapters I have in stock, you know, for when I want to murder everyone and end my life writer's block hits, so there's no need to worry about sudden stops in the story.

Currently, Prologue Chapters 0 (I don't know why this exists either) and 1 have been released so if you're interested, please go take a look!

Go check it out and maybe even leave a comment. *attempts hypnosis*

For now, I must give my thanks to Armaell for letting me host it on his site, and to everyone in the community who are really terrible and are ungrateful garbage kind and really pleasant to talk to.

Anyway, that's enough jokes for now, I'll see you around! ^_^



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Daru / 1 Dec 2016 18:56
You get a +1 just for the avatar. 

Mostly it's hard to keep up with armaell originals, I just check every few days....
It's a lot easier on RRL. 
Well, I won't try until I see it being released periodically.
That's my policy.

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