Fixing the important download button

Yup, I'm quite back ! I worked again today, isn't it incredible right ? Sadly it's not for a release, but something even more important : I you have sharp eyes, you may have noticed that the message banner at the top is gone, which means only one thing : YEAH DOWNLOAD ALL BUTTON IS FIXED !!!
Now you can download a whole serie of 20+ books without an headache.. lol

Another fix is the chapters display of original novels. You can now see all chapters of DELETED. You may need to refresh your cache to see it correctly. The thing is that I took shortcuts while developing this new section, I had a lot of things to update in a short time so DELETED could write. One of the shortcuts was that the chapters list used the same display than the blog listing... and well, on the blog, articles previews are cut if they are too long...
On the same time, I did a quick update on how chapters are arranged, but it will only appear once there will be 20 chapters, so we have some time before it happens ! Of course I invite you to read his work ;)

That's all folks !


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