The Empty Box and the Zeroth Maria – Volume 1

Not much to say aside from that some RL stuff has been taking up most of my time recently. On that note, everyone else on staff seems to be in the same boat as me. So things have been pretty dead lately.

In any case, this time we have… wait for it… Hakomari!

Now I’m really hoping I don’t have to convince you guys to read this one, do I? At this point I’m pretty sure most people who have been involved in the translated Japanese LN world would have at least heard of this title by now.

With that said, I’m planning on slowly finishing up the EPUBs for this series. So look forward to it!


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swhp / 8 Oct 2016 7:49
Yes, this place become barren lately... 
We need more, give me more,.. 

Oh also recently have interest with this story, so thank you making EPUB for this series, and can't wait for the rest

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