Today I bring this gems for all of you. Well, this LN already posted a long time in BT but I wonder did all of you interested with Hyouka? Because for me that recently come into LN world, I feel that Hyouka is very interesting. Well, who will think your daily life can be full of a mystery?

Also, actually I still can't grasp the situation between Armaell Library with Baka-Tsuki, so dunno if I can still post this though. Well if it's needed to be taken down just give me the message and will do it asap.

But for the moment just enjoy this story


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Nephery / 16 Oct 2016 22:17
Oh, nice! Was waiting on the last novel. :)

And about B-T thing: Yeah, we're fine. Continue as usual.
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swhp / 25 Oct 2016 23:48
Hey, hey listen if you all interest, I add another Hyouka Short Stories, "It Doesn't Reflect in the Mirror"
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Rosa / 27 Oct 2016 9:25
Waaaaaa this is awesome!!! 

I finished the anime and LN months ago and I'm just itching to read the short stories. Thank you!
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swhp / 29 Oct 2016 13:36
Glad to hear that, and let's hope there is people who will translate the other short stories of Hyouka :)

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