When Hikaru was on the Earth......

Ah I'm so happy can posting my work after Armaell update his website, it's bring more feature with a beauty design interface. He really give everything for the new version, after all this is for his Waifu.

Then what I bring to you was the story of

When the Harem Prince Pass Down His Knowledge...


Nah it's wrong

What I bring is

When Hikaru was on Earth.... ( But I think the previous title is more suitable)

The story was based on Genji Monogatari so that's why it have harem tag, but don't worry, is not like you will read story with dense main character, but instead you will have the real harem prince who pass down his knowledge into his best friend.

I realize that my work is still far from good, I still need learn to make a better EPUB, so please bear with my bad work and inform me if you find something wrong.

I think I need to start looking for my avatar


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