The Bathroom Goddess

Hello again, people! MatKrulli here ^^

Well, this time it's a book that I did read! And was it ever a good read. The Bathroom Goddess is a short story about a woman that can communicate with another world through her bathroom window.
It is a pretty light read that shows its charm from the very beginning. But although it is a light read, it still managed to get my interest until the end.

It has a good pace, with one event connecting smoothly to the next one so the story never stops progressing and its characters are well defined. Sometimes you'll see a character for no more than a page, but the author still manages to get his personality through.

All in all, there's not a lot of action, it's not an epic either. No real romance and almost no drama. But if you like light stories with a bit of humor and just a generally good structure, this one's worth checking out!

Woah, two releases in two days!? That was fast!
Nah, not so much, I just happened to already have the epub for this one, I'll probably release a lot slower from now on, so don't put too many expectations on me, please u.u


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