Seirei Gensouki 1 and 2

Long time I didn't released a new novel ! And it shall not happen for a time again actually.. With the growing of the content, some have been left behind, or just way behind schedule !
This new serie was actually more a run test for some of the behind the scenes of the most complex functionalities of the new website, also as an example for the rest of the team to how use it.

Now that's been done, I'll then focus on already existing series, mainly the most asked one : Gifting
Even more since it won't stay long with its licensing.

Also Kuro no Maou is in my focus. But if you know of other series in the Library that would need to be updated, don't hesitate to notice me !

Note : Re:Monster is special case. I want to see first with Re:Translation if I can use their.


God Ginrai / 3 Sep 2016 6:24
Sevens could use updating.  The 11th volume has been done for a while now, and the 12th volume is almost finished being translated.
iStap / 3 Sep 2016 10:22
The New Gate or Death March could maybe be updated. 
BlipBlop / 3 Sep 2016 12:12
Holy crap, it's basically got the plot of a wuxia, hell, the translated title sounds like a wuxia!
Armaell / 3 Sep 2016 12:28
What's left to know is either it's fuse the best of the two JP and CN novels, or the worst of those !
God Ginrai / 3 Sep 2016 19:37
There are some serious problems with the epub formats for these 2 files.  I tried opening it in 4 different ereader applications, with the following results:

OnyxReader: Only cover, TOC, illustrations, and glossary could be viewed
AlReader: Only cover, TOC, illustrations, and glossary could be viewed
CoolReader: Only cover, TOC, illustrations, and glossary could be viewed
OnyxReader: This is the only one that could actually see the chapters.
God Ginrai / 3 Sep 2016 19:41
Also, your comment box strips out newlines, even though you can make them in the textarea.  This is very misleading, and not only makes it hard to format your responses, but also leads to malformed responses when someone is not aware of this fact and formats it with newlines in mind.
Armaell / 4 Sep 2016 10:26
Alright, I started by the easiest problem. Comment lines are now fixed :°

The reader problem, well for now I'm a little lost, but I'm sending you a mail about it.
God Ginrai / 3 Sep 2016 20:46
Btw, since I can't seem to edit my comments: The last ereader app is supposed to be FBReader. (the one that could view the chapters)
iStap / 4 Sep 2016 0:35
With Moon Reader i could read both files without Problems. 

And are you gonna keep translating this novel ? 
God Ginrai / 4 Sep 2016 0:53
Armaell isn't translating the novel,  zmunjali is.  You'll see him listed in the credits section.  (The page for Seirei Gensouki has a link to the translator's site)
Flutz / 4 Sep 2016 3:24
I Shall Seal The Heavens and Against the Gods could use an update

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