On commercial activity

This is a little reminder on how the website function.

First, for some that still didn't understood it (there are always some of you) : No we do not translate. Please check the credits to see who translated. We only provide a downloadable version for your phones or kindle.

For the main point, I just been flagged by Baka-Tsuki for commercial activity.
I decided a few days ago to add epub and pdf links to the Baka-Tsuki project page that missed them. I didn't remove those already existing or anything, just completed. I did that to help, and I made a point that if they decided to remove, it will be their choice.

Well, they removed them, it's ok. Apart for the reason used on which I'm not happy : "due to commercial activity in ebooks download links". So I want to clarify things

Yes, there are ads on the downloads, but they are here to finance the server. This cost money, and while I'm willing and happy to give some of my time to this hobby, I'm pretty reluctant to ALSO have to pay for it.
The server actually costs 62,23 € by year. It's already something.
There is now two kinds of ads on the website : the ads on download, and the amazon ads.
By projection, the download ads will give me 120€ by the end of the year. So yeah, double of what I need, but it's still only 60€ for the huge amount of hours I invested those last 16 months on the website.
I also run amazon ads which for now gave me 0€ and at the pace it goes, I will get nothing by the end of the year. but I think it's also a way to promote Yen-Press and the licensed works.

Now, apart those 60€, I always refused the donations, I do not run a premium service to remove ads or anything. I know just by accepting the donations, I would multiply what I'm currently earning.
The reason is : I'm not doing this to earn money, but to offer a service like do all the translators. They allow you to access those stories, so I am by offering you an alternative way to read them.

Thank you, and enjoy.


Jinguuji's avatar Jinguuji's avatar Jinguuji's avatar
Jinguuji / 26 Sep 2016 16:08
Dear Armaell,

Thank you for all your hard work! Whenever I see any WN or LN translation, I would always check your site first, to see if you'd made an epub version.

Your epubs are always high quality, and I really appreciate the time it takes to make them!
Harbinger's avatar Harbinger's avatar Harbinger's avatar
Harbinger / 26 Sep 2016 17:00
So what does that mean in the end?
No more EPUBS at all any more from Baka-Tsuki?
Armaell's avatar Armaell's avatar Armaell's avatar
Armaell / 26 Sep 2016 18:39
No changes. I just wanted some clarification for those who wanted/needed ^^
I make my best to be transparent. 
Naru's avatar Naru's avatar Naru's avatar
Naru / 26 Sep 2016 20:15
Thank you for your hard work, really. I always check on your website for light novels to read, it's a pleasure since it's so clear and well-organised, I couldn't ask for more .
marvz's avatar marvz's avatar marvz's avatar
marvz / 27 Sep 2016 1:53
More epubs.....more epubs..... more epubs....new epubs....new epubs....new epubs....
Herloct's avatar Herloct's avatar Herloct's avatar
Herloct / 27 Sep 2016 14:01
So that's why Rakuin no Monshou's epubs goes 403 :'(
Armaell's avatar Armaell's avatar Armaell's avatar
Armaell / 27 Sep 2016 14:21
Not related. It's a probably due to a recent security update. If you kept the download page open since some time, I invite you to close them all, and reopen them ; it should fix the 403.
Ambrose's avatar Ambrose's avatar Ambrose's avatar
Ambrose / 27 Sep 2016 19:35
it's not so easy to manage and continue exist when the translator not get noticed first.
although the translation do the most hardwork.

so there are some that include a sentence because of this.
when everyone read the story, they just dont look the source of the translation.

but yeah, create the epub themself

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