Mushoku Tensei Illustrations of LN12

Hello everyone ! Here come the great job of akarai115. I don't have a lot of interaction with him, he is not part of the team, yet I own him big !
It's this good duy that provide everyone here Mushoku Tensei with the illustrations correctly placed in the story, and since it's also the best seller download on this website, we can say he did his best for nearly everyone here !

The illustrations found in LN12 impact the WN12 and WN13......
WN13, just with the number you should understand this is a no joke volume....

Labyrinth Chapter

I won't comment further on that... This shouldn't have been illustrated.


CheesusCraist / 3 Sep 2016 4:17
This illustrations are so good, everyone is so beautiful (except for Gisu lol), seeing everyone being so adult just... my petty imagination stuck behind this one, I remember when I read this like 4 months ago, remember when shit got real, but seeing it, and seeing HIM when you reach that part is really different, illustrations 10/10.
Armaell / 3 Sep 2016 11:01
I agree that in this volume, everyone really seems to get more adult. The last remnant of childhood disappear. Hard shit happened.
Whywontmynamejuststickjesus / 3 Sep 2016 21:14
Yeah, and what got me off guard was Roxy being bigger than I though, I mean compared with mqnga Roxy... she is almost as tall as Sylph lol, so that ain't no loli
Anon / 5 Sep 2016 9:25
Well, Aisha did describe her to be like a fourteen-year-old. That is, considering the size of "that."
popoyow / 4 Sep 2016 3:12
Yay! Thank you very much Armaell-sama!
popoyow / 4 Sep 2016 3:15
wow Roxy. so Lovely ❤_❤

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