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That was a busy work everyone ; a good chunk of the website has been modified, a lot of bugs tried to live, but strangely enough, we, humans don't like bugs.

The original goal of the website was firstly to share some epubs I made for myself, at this time, the website had been done in a day. It quickly expanded from me sharing epubs I did for others. Then mors joined making it a team, expanding. Now the team has grown more and even a developer will soon help me (hello swhp).

Nearly a year ago and also and a few months ago, I started two big updates of the website ; each time I had to make decisions on the direction I wanted this website to go. One the current version I even had to backtrack one month in the development after deciding it was a wrong direction.
But globally, I had decided : Make it a website dedicated to fiction ebooks. That meant I also started to link paid ebooks on Amazon by example, or integrating Recchan work on PDFs.

However, since the start, there was a direction I always wanted to take, but it was a difficult one without having a something to start it : hosting original novels.
I love them, and I wanted to help too.
Now when DELETED said he wanted to start writing, and also if I could help him on that, it was for me the "This is it. The possibility to start hosting authors and their works !"

One week later, and he now has a working environment to publish and for people to read. I've still got a lot of plans and it's only a start.
Now that DELETED is the first, I really hope he won't be the sole.

But for now, enjoy his work in the new section !


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saskir / 17 Sep 2016 13:15
I am all for publishin original Novels. ONly you won't see one from me :p . I write horrible. Even in my mothertongue.
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Armaell / 17 Sep 2016 22:14
Oh god, I can't bear your writing anymore ! Please even stop commenting, it's hurting my truly being !
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Ultimate Seraph / 20 Sep 2016 14:26
I think this is a nice idea, if I may say. One question though. Can anybody apply for their works to get posted? Are there any requirements?
BTW, love the site. ^^
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Armaell / 20 Sep 2016 23:08
Requirement is... being written in english. Because sorry, I'm still getting an hard time to appreciate stories in Yiddish. Oh, probably also to be at least the length of a novella. I'll update the FAQ on all of this with time to. Lot of things keep getting being updated at an alarming rate recently.

And thanks o/

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