Gifting the wonderful world with Explosions 2 and 3

Hi everyone !

The new website is going strong, got much positive feedback and most of the negative have been fixed (and now I'm writing this, I just remembered of one I forgot to fix.. twice). It's still a lot of work, even without someone making me do MORE !
DELETED is back, but not as a epub-maker ... Well, he will talk you all about that in time, for now it means I need to make new whole parts for the website only for him... geez~~
I still can't complain, since it's something I really wanted to do since a long time.

For now, enjoy those two volume of Explosion, done by myself and helped by Nephery !


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stray fie / 11 Sep 2016 18:07
thanks for the epub!

now only the masked devil is left. .

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