Clockwork Planet

Hello everyone

Today I bring this series for you, Clockwork Planet....

Well, let me tell you why you need add this story into your reading list.

  • You're like genre action but bored with Isekai (Transported to Another World) genre. then this is for you.
  • You have tendencies to being Masochist rather than being Sadist this story have sadistic heroine.
  • You're in Lolicon faction, then you need to read further until volume 2 to satisfy your desire.
  • The last and like every Japanese story we will have Tsundere heroine.

Is that not make you curious? Well, so do I. But please add this into your reading list and read it someday, since I just made this with love for you


God Ginrai's avatar God Ginrai's avatar God Ginrai's avatar
God Ginrai / 29 Sep 2016 2:59
Thanks!  I've been waiting forever for a quality epub of volume 3. :)
Armaell's avatar Armaell's avatar Armaell's avatar
Armaell / 29 Sep 2016 11:59
Welp, I hesitated to read it since some time, but you convinced me to not ! I'm in the anti-lolicon faction, and tsunderes tire me.
Nephery's avatar Nephery's avatar Nephery's avatar
Nephery / 6 Oct 2016 2:10
Aaaaand. Hellping put it on hiatus. What timing lol.

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