The Bears Bear a Bare Kuma 2

Hey all, I'm (mostly) alive again! And I brought with me the long awaited volume 2.

The funny thing is that it was actually already posted on my site about half a week ago. I just never came around to actually updating it in the library due to various reasons (laziness is quite the troublesome disease).

In any case, enjoy the novel!


saskir / 13 Aug 2016 19:10
That is called "procrastination". Really contagious. Thanks for the epub. Now I can delete my subpar epub. Besides I don't know if the font has those symbols you are searching for but I would recommend looking at Linux Biolinum. This is the font I like to use. Although some prefer Linux Libertine, as it has more font types.
Nephery / 14 Aug 2016 22:07
Procrastination is all a part of the path to becoming a professional.

Also, I just checked out Linux Biolinum and Libertine. Sad to say that it doesn't support corner brackets (my base requirements for a fall-back font).
Loct / 14 Aug 2016 16:53
Thanks for the treat

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