A new dawn

Hi all !

I'm happy to see that even though I've been able to care of the website since a few months, visitors are still strong and faithful. There is always new subscribers to the absents news and so on. But I want to announce some little things :

  • First is that I'm pretty much settled in my new appartement, and I should be getting Internet tomorrow (at worst, the day after)
  • Also, I'm aware about Court of Soul from Andur :) I'm a little taken in reading Worm that I didn't even started reading last Andur's work (woah). but I promise it's in my top priority to do it. But like usual, there is a buffering time between the completion of a webnovel, and the time before I do it to allow the author some slight last time edit.
  • The new version is nearly finished, but couldn't work on it too recently. But there is still other priorities (some school work, get back on release track)

Also, my mailbox is pouring... sorry to not anwser too. I'll get back on it and answer everyone ;) (that is true for comments too)

Have a good day ! (Mine have been crazy for now, seriously, let me breath)


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Nephery / 2 Aug 2016 0:04
Ugh, I'm jealous. Things are still crazy for me until Thursday...
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Justnyxx / 2 Aug 2016 1:38
Wooo! Nice to see you're taking an interest in Worm! I think we both agree it is absolutely amazing :)

Good luck with the school work and other stuff you have to do~ Kudos!

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