Reincarnated Princess 1

Somehow or another I managed to squeeze in an EPUB during the past few months. Though, I doubt I’ll get another one done before the end of July...

As you all no doubt know, light novels are like the epitome of casual literature.

In particular, from what I’ve seen, a lot of light novels use a kind of 2 tier paragraph spacing, where paragraphs can either be single-space separated or non-separated. Of course, in an EPUB with reflowable text, this kind of non-separated spacing just won’t fly without having your screen become a perfectly solid wall of text.

So now you're probably asking me:

"OK. Cool. So what?"

Well up until now, the way I’ve been handling that was actually pretty cruddy:

  • single-space separated -> double-space separated
  • non-separated -> single-space separated

With that said, I’ve finally decided to fix it so that they stays separated as the author/translator intended it to be.

In short, hurrah for paragraph indenting!!

Anyway, enough with my nonsense. Go and enjoy this fluff-filled (I think) story of a reincarnated princess.


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