Desolate Era take down

Mmmmh, I'm always linking the novel I'm talking about at the end of the post... yet here I'm closing the download... then what the point of the link ? Will need to find a solution to this non-sense.

Also thank you lake to notice me that The Desolate Era was still being updated while it shouldn't have been.
Explanation :

  • Wuxiaworld said : no you shall no make epubs from mine. So we don't.
  • The Desolate Era was translated on
  • We stared doing The Desolate Era
  • They moved without me noticing to Wuxiaworld

So now I'm correcting the right order. Say bye bye !

Also, you can hate me to not being able to update new content, since it quite hard to work on translations without a gound-line of internet. But checking a checkbox, to take down a page on my phone is quite easy *whistle*


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asdman / 8 Jul 2016 11:32
I don't even know what desolate era was until this post, but because you took it down I'm regretting not downloading it before, god damn
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aadajo / 11 Jul 2016 18:16
thanks for the download our almighty person may you live in harmony and many good things happen to you!

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