The New Journey of an Old Soul R18 fix

What a good joke, apparently the R18 content of The New Journey of an Old Soul was hidden in the ebooks files. They were in the file, but hidden ! You had to click a button to see them, buuut the button only work on some epub-reader and not at all in pdfs. So it prevented to see the content. Now it's fixed, all the content is freely available to everyone. Well, to all those aged 18 and more of course :°

Thank you DELETED (you pervert)


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aadajo / 2 Jun 2016 1:39
so this is the uncensored version with the R18 content in the PDF?! I also noticed some things were missing when I was reading the first time around about the lack of sexual content when the chapter said R18/adult content.

So its been fixed right and am not re downloading the same content?
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Armaell / 2 Jun 2016 4:58
Exactly, you can call this version the decensored one ^^
Replacing the old one. 
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Irina_Akashira / 2 Jun 2016 15:17
Didn't you see this? bad luck

Although isn't to much strong material
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Kryzin / 6 Jun 2016 5:59
Thought something was wrong to.Thxs for the fix.
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Emmy / 13 Jul 2016 8:56
Je suis tout à fait d’accord avec toi sur tous les points. Le concept des pubs n’est déjà pas très bon, mais en plus ils jugent qu’une caresse sur un visage est plus indécente qu’une femme panda qui parle de sa toilette intime – ses parties intimes seulement cachées par une bouteille d&;ng17#Ora82ina?! – ou qu’une orgie entre animaux…

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