The end of BT-E

Time is changing.

More than a year passed for me, and since then I've seen the closing of the Freezing, and now BT-E, the baka-tsuki generator of epubs have abruptly been put offline. It's sad, our marks are moving and we have to adapt. Of course replacement is coming, under another form.

The problem here have actually been the replacement. Simon who was the developer behind BT-E didn't really had the time/motivation to maintain it anymore, which led it to starting to bug more and more, and apparently some security gap.
But another guy started a concurrent under the form of a Chrome plugin, seemingly more performant. But then annoyed and pissed Simon which led to : quit rage in gamer term.

Please have a thought for Simon and the service he offered us for a long time. Also to those working on it behind too like RS. Please be reminded everything was free and like TL, like editors, (and also authors for some) we give to peoples our free time to offer you those stories.
Be kind or you'll see us do rage-quit, which have often happened ; and it mean then the end.

Edit : Simon : To point it out. Not pissed, just simply didn't want to use that badly written thing of abomination I created.

Hopefully I never got any bad message yet, even though I'm surprised seeing how I'm late in every one of my project recently.
Sadly I don't know when I'll get back in full power.


swhp / 19 Jun 2016 22:46
Wow, I think you just joking. But after check BT-E it's seriously gone. It's really a bad news, since lot of LN wast host in BT and I always use BT-E to download the EPUB
asdman / 19 Jun 2016 22:59
I already gave that new epub generator a try and I guess I'll wait until its been polished, it don't think its finished, the epubs feels like they've been done wrong, maybe I'm stupid (or the app is still too premature) but I haven't been able to put a cover to any Ln/wn from both baka-tsuki n royalroadl, either way, I knew I should've downloaded all those works, I did have the though of it all sudenlly dissapearing (january2012, rip megaupload) but I just did not expect it to actually happen, damn me for trying to go slow.

btw is this how you create your epubs? I have no idea about this field
Armaell / 20 Jun 2016 16:47
Making a complete generator is a really hard task, each website is different and doesn't present the books in the same manner. Be it in the organisation of chapters, of the formatting of the text or the presentation of it. So it's nearly impossible to do a generator working flawlessly everywhere.

Myself I coded a not-a-generator. I have to input it more or less settings in it before launching it. It then fetch me the content of chapters and start the edit to make the text in a epub format. I then start to manually edit the files for everything that can't be done automatically.
Reyfista11 / 20 Jun 2016 0:31
Yeah last of few couple epbus was bugged whete the images wasn't properly placed within the chapter. 
Reyfista11 / 20 Jun 2016 0:37
Fortunately i've archived all downloadable books.
Nguyen Quy / 25 Jun 2016 3:22
Can you share with me all ebook with images, please?
Reyfista Pangestu / 25 Jun 2016 3:52
I dont have unlimited access of internet to upload it.

Just browse.madokami, they also have copy of baka epub gen
Loco15 / 20 Jun 2016 12:28
And this is the reason why I'am always downloading epubs/pdf's of anything that even seems like it has a chance of being interesting the moment they're out. Unfortunately, I was doing a massive clean up on my pc, so anything released within the last 2-3 days is lost to me. I will really miss that epub generator. While hardly perfect or to my tastes, it got the job done.

Also, firefox user here. I refuse to use chrome just for a single plugin.
Armaell / 20 Jun 2016 16:37
I fear you'll have a bigger database than madokami ^^
daniel90c / 20 Jun 2016 14:30
also works for a quick epub generator.
saskir / 20 Jun 2016 15:35
Hmmm, wonder why no one mentions GrabMyBooks. Has a good Firefox Addon. Not 100% without flaws (if you grab sites behind links -eg chapters it could happen that he sees a new paragraph as the end of the chapter) but it works. 

Beisdes didn't someone code Toth. What happend with this?
Armaell / 20 Jun 2016 16:39
I have to admit, impossible to find back anything on Toth...  how strange
saskir / 22 Jun 2016 20:54
And sorry, meant Thoth. Seems posting links are not allowed, so simply a correction of the name.

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