Shomin Sample Volume 2

Hi folks !
Alright, this book have probably been the MOST waited of this Library ! Expected since months and delayed cause of some translation problem, communication problem and work. but it is DONE. Yatta !

I have to say, this kind of story isn't my cup of tea (get the word play with the story wink). Lolis, Ojou-sama, Harem, School-setting ; too many things I generally dislike. Yet I had to read it to place correctly a missing illustration, and you know what ? I liked it !
It's fresh, not pushy, the MC isn't dumb, which are actually the underlying reason I dislike the genre mentionnes above. So it was fun and I'll continue to read ^^

Thus, I say : give it a try.

Thank you LickyMee for his work too.


Reyfista11 / 16 Jun 2016 15:42
hi. why did't you include Kujou-san’s Extreme Sadist Consultation Room?
Armaell / 17 Jun 2016 8:30
Chapter have been added, and also updated illustrations.
Reyfista Pangestu / 17 Jun 2016 8:34
Thanks, gonna redownload it
Reyfista11 / 19 Jun 2016 16:21
on the 'Kujou-san’s Extreme Sadist Consultation Room?',  there is no h1 tiltle, also it didnt registered on ToC.
Armaell / 19 Jun 2016 14:24
You gonna make me mad soon è_é  
ok... fixed q.q
Philosopher Stone / 16 Jun 2016 23:56
Wait, you're saying that a LN with a title like this (I'm taken in as the sample of ordinary people for the "princesses" school)  is not dumb? They're screaming the very lack of common sense!
I already see some stupid comedy from the lack of what's common and even the lack of knowledge from those princesses (called purity or knows only exquisite things in the setting, preventing them from common sense).
I see this kind of setting of princesses clash with common sense when meeting ordinary man as the reverse idiot/aborigin/clown clash with common sense when entering civilised society, there's no way they're not dumb when the selling point is the comedy resulted from those lacked in common sense collided with the society!
Armaell / 17 Jun 2016 8:34
Oh yeah, it is and you're totally right. It's just that the writing is not as dumb than in the usual LN comedies that make them unreadable. So that the girls totally lack common sense it's a fact but the MC is not dumb. Actually, transpose all the dumbing of a characteristic MC to all the other girls and you're good, but at least it's not the MC xD.

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