Mother of Learning 2 - Outside World

I love receiving the books title from the author of Mother of Learning, it's the moment when everything which get reduced to a set of words, giving you a new point of view on the events. And so, when I'm being said Outside World I'm thinking, oh yeah, in the end everything is about that. A little like when you watch the last episode of GoT and you understand why it's called Kings Landing.

Enjoy this second Arc of Mother of Learning. Please know that I upgraded the styling of the first Arc too to use the more recent I use.


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asdman / 30 Jun 2016 18:12
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Philosopher Stone / 1 Jul 2016 0:41
Lovely :D Now it's the wait for the third arc to finish in about two years XD
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Armaell / 1 Jul 2016 9:08
Sad q.q
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Charleigh / 13 Jul 2016 8:46
Tom  Wow!  what a view of the Miami River that the average person never gets to see.  I see a funriadser for the Arts touring the sites and knowing the history along with the relates to our area.    Thanks for sharing     Barb

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