Death March Chapter 13


Here is big word today. I have so much to say about it, and a lot of my expectations are pretty grim, but well it's not like I'm a expert in economic, political or fortune-telling sectors. So what I would say would still be quite subjective and unaware so I won't go in this direction.

And that is in fact the problem. Referendum is yes, the true display of democracy, yet it allows people not even having a clue of what's at stake to decide the future of a whole country.. wait, of the world since it will have historical repercussion, be sure about it. Here it's history ; for any Occidental class-book at least.
So, it's exactly the problem, polls shown that people with more education baggage tends to be in the IN side.

So I find it quite cynical, add it that the youngs were way more for the IN, they were those that would truly live that future that have been decided and yet it's not their choice that happened.

And to conclude, I don't think a 51.9%/48.1% can validate a decision this big.

Else there is Death March chapter 13, made into the Volume 10 here. Enjoy !


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Randi / 30 Jun 2016 9:59
I had no Idea what you were talking about until the end, I bet you would be content if in order to leave you had to have 2/3 of the votes like they do somewhere in the US system
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Armaell / 30 Jun 2016 11:44
Totally, I don't think a 50ish majority is worth anything. The same week in my corner of country we got a referendum about a 50 years old airport project creating controversies since it been thought.  
It ended to 55%/45% in favor of the "YES, do the airport". And now the government is all like : "the peoples have talked, it's undebatable", now let's rush the construction before they complain again.  
Lol, still think it's not enough when half of people are against. It's not a majority. (Btw, I was in favor)
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Keydren / 13 Jul 2016 8:43
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