Altina volume 6 and 7

Those last two volume really make the story going forward, in the first three books I feared it wouldn't. The war scales are in another dimension, Regis status is moving, the relationship become clearer and active. Even the world/country is changing.
Really enjoyable, and it also feels like a little darker.

Also while reading I really thought : Sky should get a french editor, seriously... the little french there is is fucked xD
Yeah yeah, I could, but no time. And couldn't find back the french bits to fix here.


Reyfista11 / 22 Jun 2016 13:50
there is empty html file on altina vol 7: section0001.html
Reyfista11 / 22 Jun 2016 13:51
and you forgot to put color illustration on illustration.xhtml.
Reyfista11 / 22 Jun 2016 14:01
here is better color illustration:
Armaell / 22 Jun 2016 14:42
I knew it was strange that V07 was such ligther than V06, but I couldn't pinpoint why .... Well, look my tool decided it was ok to take the lower resolution ><   
Redownloaded all the illustrations.
Armaell / 22 Jun 2016 14:43
Thank you for your watch !
Reyfista11 / 22 Jun 2016 14:26
you miss this image on vol 6
Armaell / 22 Jun 2016 14:43
I'll have to hire someone to do the check ^^
Irina_Akashira / 22 Jun 2016 23:08
Thanks or the update

Any chance that you do Tensei Oujo for next?
Nephery / 23 Jun 2016 15:50
It's next on my Todo list, but I have a bit too much school work on my plate right now.

I'll do it once things start to calm down.
Irina_Akashira / 23 Jun 2016 23:27
Basically I said because is the only in the list in the main page that no people has created pdf and/or epub
Stevie / 13 Jul 2016 7:44
If not for your writing this topic could be very coetlouvnd and oblique.

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