Tilea’s Worries 02

Hi everyone ! Witht he kind help of emmaus here Tilea’s Worries vol 02.

Now on what to say : I'm wondering if I should keep the news system at is with my usual chitchat or remove it in next version. Just get the release title and link and be done with it. I'm not sure there is anyone who read those poor writing skills of mine. So if you do ? Do i ? ^^


Loct / 14 May 2016 1:52
Well, i'm pretty much read it for any updates on previously published epubs.
Especially when you add new illustrations.
Armaell / 14 May 2016 14:46
Thank you to remember me that I still need to add those on Mushoku Tensei q.q
Coraz28 / 14 May 2016 12:44
Well, I actually quite like your rants.
Armaell / 14 May 2016 14:47
Say I'm apathic ! _\*rant\*_
Loco15 / 14 May 2016 13:29
I don't really see any reason to remove them. It's not like people can't just ignore it and go to downloading, and I sort of like being "updated" on what's going on.
Nephery / 14 May 2016 16:24
Chitchat. Its more interactive.

*cough* It helps keep people's interest in the library *cough*
Armaell / 14 May 2016 16:32
You just love bothering me.
Kirishima / 15 May 2016 16:44
Thanks for making this epub xD. this novel is one of my favs.
 most of the title in epub is "raid on the capital"
only chapter 5 and 8 that have different title.. or is it just me

Armaell / 16 May 2016 12:55
And so what ? I like this title, so deal with it  
 _(ebook fixed)_
Kirishima / 16 May 2016 22:26
haha xD thank you so much. Your ebook is the best xD. its neat, easy to read and the navigation is easy, and the picture is still there XD, i love it.
Kaed / 13 Jul 2016 8:08
You've got to be kidding me-it's so trenaparsntly clear now!

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