Mushoku Tensei Illustrations for WN7 to 11

Mushoku Tensei is definitely the novel the MOST popular on the Library. Just think that it get two time more download than the second most popular, always. Even new releases hardly beat it sometimes. Which is really impressive.
Yet there isn't any release on it.. until today ! Thank to the great work of akarai115 which gave me the placement of all illustrations released yet on the LightNovel to place them in the WebNovel translation. Which is quite a work since they aren't necessarily in the same book or in the same order. With them, we see quite the difference we can expect from the LightNovel. Which make me very sad to not be licensed since I would love to read it...

So don't be surprised, for books which don't have a cover, I re-used the precedent one desatured. Be warned !

Enjoy them again ;)


Jason / 21 May 2016 21:55
Hi, thanks a lot of these updates. There is a problem with the download of vol 8 or 9. The downloaded files are just file without any file type. They only have pdf and epub as name.
Armaell / 21 May 2016 23:14
Yes... I'm aware of this really strange bug.. I've yet yo have any idea why. but I won't search the problem, I'll just finish the new website and the bug will disappear along ^^'
stsoh / 22 May 2016 9:43
missed a label: 
Mushoku Tensei V08 - Youth Period - Special Student Chapter.pdf
stsoh / 22 May 2016 9:50
download the complete volumes v01-24, there is one file with named ".pdf" renamed this file as "Mushoku Tensei V08 - Youth Period - Special Student Chapter.pdf".
Armaell / 22 May 2016 10:05
Thanks you, that's fixed ^^3 
Kryzin / 6 Jun 2016 6:16
Thxs for the update.
Karess / 13 Jul 2016 9:06
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