Long Live Summons up to chapter 237

After the three takedown yesterday (Martial World is down too), here a new Chinese webnovel update. This is done by Gru again since I have personally no interest to do Chinese webnovels, not because of the content that I find nearly as bad than an average Japanese webnovel but because of the translation community. Sadly I find that they are really more money-driven than their Japanese counterpart. It doesn't feel like a sharing community based on passion like it should be.

On all takedown received, one have been from an English writer thinking to go commercial, all the others have been for Chinese webnovels.


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Acaevia / 7 May 2016 7:29
For those who are wondering how many chapters this has there is a total of 1390 and so far only 241 chapters translated as of May 6. New chapters come out based on donations at the website that translates it so if you wish for more chapters why not donate if you have the money.
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Armaell / 9 May 2016 11:04
On that, it's a daunting task they started. Wondering if it will be possible to see the end of it one day.

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