I want to say : Woah !

Each time I do a new novel from Andur, I'm impressed by the speed I do them, so if you read last news about Andur's novels, it should be about that.
Again I remember when I did Until Death?, it was my first ebook and it probably took me something like a week to complete it. Here between the writing style simplification of Andur, and the improvement of my tools it took me well than less of half of an hour to do Coeus?. So it's something !

I've yet to read the next project of Andur (does he even stop sometime ?), but I can say that Coeus? is the best novel of Andur yet . I could be biased since it's been long I was waiting for a good Space Opera, but when I compare with the two last one, Coeus? refresh greatly his writing and make it again a great enjoyment while combining rather serious plots. We can note that some of Andur's beliefs are pretty obviously written in it. (unless he did well to construct the personality of the MC)

On a side-note : Yeah, the cover/download block of Coeus? is kinda misplaced. I have a theory of the origin of this bug, but I don't plan to fix it. I prefer working on the next version of the website... Which will bring the Sagas ! That will allow to store all Andur's book in a more fashionly way.

Enjoy !


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Tentacle God / 17 May 2016 14:39
Hoolllyyyy !!! Its done !!!

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