True Martial World up to chapter 338

Things starts to move again here. I don't know how long since RL works is yet to be finished, but I could say it have been tampered for now.
For True Martial World, the funny thing is that only the first Arc was available to downloads while the 3 next ones were sitting in the shared cloud of the Library... and I've never added them, probably forgot about it at a time sigh. Well, if I found about those file it's only because Gru took over the serie to update it. Now True Martial World is available up to Chapter 338 !


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pranav / 4 May 2016 9:03
Guys true martial world 1-338 pdf is missing chapter 64
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Armaell / 4 May 2016 11:59
Thank you for noticing us. The file have been updated

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