The New Journey of an Old Soul

Some thinks RoyalRoad is to avoid at all price, and this is exactly by diverting the regard that you miss some gems. The New Journey of an Old Soul written by Vihyungrang is one of those. A completed novel light and serious in the same time ; the story of someone seemingly without a worry in life, yet supporting the world.

This is a reincarnation story, with a transported to another world yet, the MC isn't human before. There is also a tag Gender Bender, yet it's not a true one since the MC is also genderless first. The only reason is that he identify himself as male before ; now you could use this novel as starting point on a discussion on gender identity but... I don't think you're here for that.

For now, enjoy and have a good read !


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Carli / 13 Jul 2016 8:38
Just on the subject of polyamoury/open relp&ionshiast#8230; but isn’t the issue of multiple partners something that affects straight people also? I don’t think that point has any bearing on the issue at hand.

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