Only Sense Online 1 + EX & 8

Two weeks ago, there was a disease spreading throughout my office at work. Long story short, I caught it and went AWOL for awhile. So to make up for that, I bring to you two EPUBs; Only Sense Online Volume 1 + EX, and Volume 8.

Volume 1 + EX contains both volume 1 and its extra chapters. Originally, I was planning on releasing the extra chapters by itself (Jay's EPUB of volume 1 was already pretty good), but when I realized that the EX chapters were super short, I came to the conclusion that it wasn't really worth the time to make an entire EPUB just for a few pages. So instead, as you can see, I went ahead and decided to combine it with volume 1....


And I regret that decision so much...

If you've been reading any of my EPUBs under the MMORPG genre, you would know that I reformat status and item pages to better accommodate mobile screens. And volume 1 has a ton of them. In short, I died a bit while working on this.

Good news is that they're done now (and I'm not late)! Huzzah!!

P.S.: Unless extra chapters were to suddenly appear for volumes 2 to 6, I will not be making EPUBs for them. The ones on Krytyk's File Gallery are already good enough.


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