Long Live Summons 1 to 200

I remember how happy I was one month ago when all the work late I had for the website was completed and I was back on tracks, aaaah good times. Now It's actually even worse... There is ebooks piling one after another in the backend, also mails with translators just waiting to have the ebook made, and even the update release of some like gifting have their deadline already passed when I didn't even remarked I had to write the deadline !

Did I talked about the school too ? Well, I won't....

Thank you for our guy from the dark to make LLS than I had absolutely no time to do. He really help here. So please thank him, and since you don't know his name, please give yourself a name to him at your choice. (be creative)


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Gru / 4 Apr 2016 21:43
Ignore the guy above. The guy in the dark is called Gru. Mystery solved, go home.
Nephery's avatar Nephery's avatar Nephery's avatar
Nephery / 5 Apr 2016 0:49
Gru who?

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