Gifting the Wonderful World with volume 6

Before and foremost, help is needed ! Is there someone able to make a romaji version of this name : ハッピーピーチ ?
I'm actually unable to release a ebook without a romaji version...

Also I know some of you will be sad to not see the volume 7 here, but I stick with the one month rule, so you know more or less how long to wait ;)


_____ / 6 Apr 2016 0:10
Happy Peach maybe?
Armaell / 6 Apr 2016 12:11
Well, apparently NovelUpdate have it wrong then... And you're right...  
The actual author name is : ロボット人間 in fact ^^" (I checked directly on syosetu)
Nephery / 6 Apr 2016 1:05
I'll put the illustrations into the text sometime this weekend. So expect a re-upload of this at that time.

Armael, before uploading the future volumes, you might as well pass it over to me to put in the illustrations. That way, we don't have to go through these re-uploading shenanigans... again...
Armaell / 6 Apr 2016 12:09
Right, you're definitely right. *apologize* (シ_ _)シ
Reyfista11 / 7 Apr 2016 20:44
the back cover image is missing. i5.jpg and i6.jpg is same image.
Reyfista11 / 7 Apr 2016 21:22
tried to place the images, also place the image within the chapter:!dcY1hDzK
Nephery / 7 Apr 2016 23:51
You forgot to add the decryption key to your link.
Reyfista11 / 8 Apr 2016 0:01
sorry, hadn't use mega before!dcY1hDzK!NlRab-tYnM9UkSNt7Hqhotq4TSRJgYDCJmPTjQcDRkU
Nephery / 8 Apr 2016 0:34
Hmm... did you place these based off the raws or your own interpretation of where to put them? Also, the covers broke/wrong (both the HTML and the metadata for it).
Nephery / 8 Apr 2016 0:40
Oh wait, my bad. The metadata for the cover was always wrong.
Reyfista11 / 8 Apr 2016 0:45
it was based on my own interpretation i guess.
the cover was changed due to Epubmetadataeditor cover fix.
Nephery / 8 Apr 2016 1:36
Ah~ That explains it then. 

All of us here use Sigil to make our EPUBs. So when making changes to them, I recommend you also use Sigil to avoid potential bugs. They usually appear due to differences in the auto-magical code generation that these programs use. 

About the location of the images in the EPUB, it seems like they're pretty close to where they should be and for most people they'll be fine where they are (I would be too if this were any other series), but I love this series too much so I'll be setting them based off the RAWs anyway. But thanks to the work you've already done, it'll make my life a whole lot easier.


**For those who are curious, here is a brief outline about how I set illustrations:**

**(recommended for those who are good at pattern matching games) (No knowledge of moonrunes required)**

Basically, what I'm doing is comparing the grammar between the Japanese text and the translated English text. 

What I mean by that is that I compare things like paragraph structure, paragraph length, sentence structure, sentence length, amount of dialogue, special characters, exaggerated words (you'd be surprised how easy it is to find *"ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~"* in Japanese text), etc.

 So by using this method, you would only need to know a handful of Japanese punctuation:
* Opening quote: 「
* Closing quote: 」
* Period: 。
* Comma: 、

Of course, a Japanese to English machine translator helps too on occasions.
Reyfista11 / 8 Apr 2016 15:32
i see, i usually use Calibre ebook editor for editing books . since calibre can convert it from .docx. i'll try download and learn to use sigil.

Reading Japanese ln raw with my elementary japanese skills just gonna burn my brain lol

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