Death March Volume 9

Yay, this is Death Marcho Volume 9 ... or actually what I believe what would be volume 9... actually it's more Death March WN Chapter 12 in hiding.
Also I don't have a lot to say apart the ebook have one day of delay since I was too lazy to do anything. Also recently and since quite a time, work is eating all my personnal time.


Loco15 / 21 Apr 2016 2:26
In the metadata it's being show as volume 08. Also, why bother "organizing" the web novel volumes/chapters in line with the LN volumes? As far as I know there are, even if slight, changes/differences made in the light novel. And there is also someone translating the LN itself. I just can't understand why just not make an epub for every WN chapter, and if the illustrations per volume are the reason then I can say that this is a translation of the web novel, not the light novel; there should not be illustrations in the first place.

However it is, this is just my opinion, and likewise if it is just your preference in doing things then that is ok too.

Thanks for the epub!

Armaell / 21 Apr 2016 12:19
Yeah, it's just for trying to put the illustration after if possible. I started like that with Mushoku Tensei, so I'm trying to stick as I can to it.  
Also, have you seen the length of the first chapters ? ^^" It would be dumb to make a whole file just for chapter 1...
Jinguuji / 24 Apr 2016 17:20
Hi Armaell,

Regarding your latest Volume, V09, noticed that there was no mention of "Chapter 12" inside. V01 - V08 has Chapter numbers mentioned.

Also, have noted that when I placed V09 inside iTunes, it would show up as "Chapter 08".
Jinguuji / 24 Apr 2016 17:23
Well, please don't look at my 3rd line, since I clearly did not read the first comment. Also, please kindly note that my comment is just "FYI" it's not to criticize you or anything.

Thanks for your efforts in making epubs. Not just for this series, but the others as well. They're very well made.
Armaell / 24 Apr 2016 20:40
Actually I forgot to fix the metadata problem... Anyway thank you, both of the problems are now fixed ^^  
I also prefer to keep some consistancy between files so yeah, the chapter at the start of the file was forgotten. Also removed the donation button in all the precedent files since it's something discontinued.
Jinguuji / 1 May 2016 8:48

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