Angel Beats Track Zero

Hi everyone!
Alright there is a lot to release this weekend and I'm actually not at home AND busy. How lucky I am. So I'm writing the release articles in breaks I get. There is also other mails still waiting for me to be answered.. Please be patient q.q

For now it's a deep thanks to Reyfista for firstly finding some problems in files. (Altina 2 and 3) But also for sharing an epub he made!
We have now a side story of Angel Beats, actually the prequel of the main story.
While I do not watch animes anymore, I strongly advise you to watch it. This is a story without hard feelings but with a foggy mistery ; a great animation and OVA. (right, while writing this, I just added it in my favs on Spotify)

So please enjoy both, the anime and this prequel!


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