Three Days of Happiness

Here’s another series by Sugaru Miaki. Though unlike Starting Over, Three Days of Happiness actually has a completely unique premise.

If you lived in a world where your lifespan can be sold, and if you knew in advance that nothing would ever go your way, would you do it?

Though this may be coming from a naive person such as myself, personally, I can say with absolute confidence that I never would. I’d rather drag myself through that horrendous life than to willingly sell it all away just because some guy said it was trash.

By the way, I’ve updated my styles and am now using embedded free fonts. If you had fonts enabled for some of my other EPUBs, you may have noticed that your reader might yell at you by saying something along the lines of “these fonts don’t exist”. That’s because I was using regular non-free fonts, and as such, to avoid licensing issues, did not embed those into the EPUB (you had to setup the fonts for the reader yourself). With that said, turn on your fonts, they really do make the EPUB-reading experience so much better.


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Armaell / 13 Mar 2016 22:06
Well, I'm not a true fan to embed fonts ; I don't think it bring a lot to the book, and it add a lot of weight to it.. Think your font are 30% of your file !  
You know you can configure fallback font in case the reader doesn't have it ? Like : `font-family: Roboto, Verdana, sans-serif;` 
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Nephery / 14 Mar 2016 3:33
True enough, but in this day and age, file size isn't that big of a deal (at least it isn't for me!).
And I know about the fallback fonts, just forgot/was too lazy to put them in.

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