The Bears Bear a Bare Kuma V1

Sorry I haven’t got anything out in awhile. To lay out bare, the past two weeks have been unbearably not bare (weather, work, events, etc). At this point, my worklist (mostly EPUB and programming related) is anything but bare and it’ll take awhile before I get anywhere close to finishing it. So bear with me a bit longer.

Also, have I ever mentioned how much I hate the aesthetically barren text menus in these RPG novels? Manually formatting those things is unbearably brutal and time-consuming.

The Bears Bear a Bare Kuma (also known as Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear and can be directly translated as Bear Bear Bear Bear) is about a bear (girl) who is sent to another world (bare of course) and obtains the bear-like cheat of being the beariest bloody bear in town. It has an OSO-like vibe, but with OPness and a whole lot (like A LOT) of bear…

Bear Count: 25 bears


Philosopher Stone / 9 Mar 2016 7:46
There's still nothing here :P

You sure you already check the download section before making the announcment? XD
Armaell / 9 Mar 2016 8:08
Sorry, it's actually a bug server-side (Nephery will end by killing me with all the bugs), the cache didn't cleared like intended. The link now show ;)
Nephery / 9 Mar 2016 11:52
Your  life would be so much easier if I wasn't here. ;)
Armaell / 9 Mar 2016 12:10
Not really, who would find the bugs then ? :p
Nephery / 10 Mar 2016 1:43
eCookie of course.

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