Sevens 5&6

So, we have Sevens five and six ! Said like that it truly looks like I doesn't know how to count. Well I did argue with a colleague not later than today how Computer Engineer are said to be mathematicians too actually doesn't need maths at all. The only thing important is to understand how maths work, not doing it, actually even how we do it is kinda weird~~.... Fuck, again Computer Engineer are said weir... sigh
Do not worry anymore ! I do know how to count, and I prove you by bringing the volume 5 and 6 that follow the first four ;)


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Nephery / 25 Mar 2016 22:18
If you consider a profession that deals with only 1s and 0s as mathematicians, then yes, we are mathematicians.

Honestly, I think the main reason that we learn calculus (and physics) is to build a foundation for good problem solving skills.
We're pretty much just using 1s and 0s as shorthand notations to represent some ideas or concepts (like on or off).

**PS:** This is only coming from a guy who's halfway through his 3rd year in the program. So of course what I said above is only my thoughts on the subject which may be completely and utterly wrong.
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Armaell / 26 Mar 2016 0:21
On my point of view, we only apply basic calculus and algebra. If you ave grasped those two, then you got pretty much everything on the way of thinking. But what make me always laugh is what operators we use : +, -, *, /, those are ok.. but we have too : %, &, |, ^ and now most of those school students can fuck themselves. (there is too the matrix, but it's too rare and not fun since it would make mathematicians happy)
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Nephery / 26 Mar 2016 3:45
Honestly, I'm just glad I don't have to deal with phasors anymore. For people like me who does most of his calculations mentally, it was really rough...

On that note, in comparison to electrical engineers (and most branches of engineering), we're like babies when it comes to mathematics. Unlike us, they actually do REAL math. XD

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