Seven Unfortunate Lifetimes, All Thanks to a Single Moment of Impulse

I have been asked recently, what content do you have for girl ?
Right, actually not a lot, but I'm doing the best to please everyone and whenever I can I pick those women-targeted novels. Well, those classic women-targeted novel anyway since it's getting more and more confusing with all this liberation of women, freeing of their right to choose what they want and so on. Anyway. Here something somewhat for women. I think. (Men too, argh, confused)

Also we have now a new chat. Exit Chatango that made us curse it so many times but still worked, so it was nice. Now we're on Discord and apparantly it's getting more and more popular. I've learned even /r/noveltranslations had one after setting it up. Don't hesitate to pass by. It's now the button in the top bar.

Talking about /r/noveltranslations, they refused our flair request since we're not a translation group. I think it's sad since we still contribute to the webnovels communauty. The request to /r/LightNovels is still pending.
Anyway, we're going for plan B to get this flair : conquer the world


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Nephery / 27 Mar 2016 1:22
Honestly, at this point, I just consider any novels where the MC is female and the author is not over sexualizing/cute-ifying it as novels targeted towards women.

**Fun Fact:** The first result from Google when searching for "female demographic" is "female demographic with male lead". Vice versa when searching for "male demographic". This, of course, complicates things when trying to differentiate stories...

Oh, was that the reason for the rejection? I thought they just straight up refused to acknowledge EPUB creators as contributors...

On the other hand, world domination? HALLELUJAH!
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Armaell / 27 Mar 2016 3:00
Because we're not translator and they don't want to bother with anything else so nobody will ask more. Case of _give a cookie, they will ask you the jar_.

Also one thing bothering me well in webnovels with female lead : unless it's a contemporary or historical romance webnovel you can be pretty sure the MC will be lesbian...  
Do I missed that 90% of women were lesbians ? When I read that it want me to throw it up, it looks like half-assed works where the author either was a male and feared trying to write to not be able to write it, or that he feared that his readers won't be able to read it.  
Well another thing making me laugh is all those male readers unable to read a female lead, making them uncomfortable.. not like women have really the choice if they want to read/play or watch some media genre and they do it without problem, so why men should have it.

Yep. Some little things going on by my mind.

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