How to make epubs 101

Today, I've been doing nothing, lazing around. I'm enjoying life when everything going in a fucking good direction ! But I stoped lazing after a mail exchange with a guy requesting some new ebooks. Wait, did I do a new ebooks ? No, at a moment he said me :

Lol. I dont even understand how to use Sigil even after I read the tutorial.

And I knew it was time for me to do something ! If I want new slaves peoples willing to help the Library grow, I need them to know how to use epubs' making tools.

So I made a new shiny tutorial for Sigil so everyone can try to learn how to make epubs. Enjoy, and don't hesitate to give me feedback, or dropping in the Library's chat


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Gege / 18 Mar 2016 3:01
Oookay.... at first I want to reply that mail directly. but its said to drop by the Libary's chat. So I came here looking for the chat. But I couldn't find where it is. Lol
The rest is on email.

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