High School DxD 01 to 20

For me this serie have been a big change ! Those are the first epub3 I made. Until now it was epub2.
So, what does it change ? Well... apparently nothing.... Yay \o/
Actually it does have some cools new features apparently, I have yet to check them all. But one of the interesting one is the support of a serie metadata. It means that if the reader is able to use it, the whole serie will be classified under the same serie, a little like in Calibre ! Problem, Calibre doesn't support this tag yet too. sigh

So, maybe, I hope, in the future, possibly, later this could bring some new cool features, but seems like not yet. For now I'll start to find what cool things I can do too with epub3 without dropping the compatibility.

Before I forget, thank you for those translators, and actually a REALLY good chunk have been translated by Code-Zero. At a point we could probably say he did the translation.


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Tks / 31 Mar 2016 16:33
Thanks! Are you gonna do the epub for gifting volume 6 and 7? =0
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Armaell / 31 Mar 2016 21:17
If they are translated, for sure !  
Since I work by a monthly cycle, I've yet to do my global check. In one or two week you should see the [On The Pipes] section updated ;)
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Tks / 1 Apr 2016 13:31
Skythewood just translated finish both volumes, but he listen them as fanfics, maybe to avoid them getting taken down or something. 

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