Freezing Light Novels is closing

I've just posted a comment one Ice's blog and now I'm doing a message here. I'm doing this in memories of the website that have always been on my mind for the last year of this website.

When I started, when this website had 5 series downloadable, that his main color was red and not blue, of course I had others bigger than me I looked up, hoping one day to be like them.
The two of them were Freezing Light Novels and Estelion's Translations. One had a feel I loved, the other one was somewhat similar to my objectives.

The difference was that Ice targeted Japanese LN and made PDF, while I was doing webnovels' EPUB. But for starter I didn't knew of anything closer to me than that.
So it's for me a goodbye to one of the spiritual foundation of this website.

While Ice thanks his visitors and translator. I say "thank you Ice "


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Abs / 20 Apr 2016 6:19
Awwww. Freezing light is one of the best downloading site. I was looking for it and it's not working anymore. Its kind of depressing.  TT^TT
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Armaell / 20 Apr 2016 6:44
Worry not, some others try to take his legacy. There is two or three trying.  
I'm actually working with one of them : [Rekt Novels Compilation](
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Abs / 22 Apr 2016 3:47
Yehey! Good thing your also updating it. I wish there would be Danmachi and Hai to gensou no grimgar! Will wait for your updates! Thank you so much!
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Smithb570 / 18 Sep 2016 21:48
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