For my daughter, I might even be able to defeat the demon king V1

I’m back and late as usual. But this time (like every other time) I have a good excuse. It was boost week in PSO2 and if you play it, then you know that boost week == no game no life week. And not only that, getting the illustrations in for this novel was absolute chaos (more on that at the bottom of the post).

Now about the WN itself… I’m honestly surprised there is absolutely no EPUB nor PDF for such a popular and well-known series. Even though there isn’t any form of separation between arcs/novels in WN, I expected there to be at least something out there. But NOPE. I found nothing at all.

Speaking of which, I managed to find out where this novel ends thanks to the LN raws. And for those who are curious, the only major distinction I found between the two is that the WN portion of volume 1 doesn’t cover the epilogue. Though, even without it, the arc does ends pretty smoothly.

Now here are the more notable changes between this EPUB and Coolizer’s translations on his site:

  1. The Foreword was renamed to Prologue to be more grammatically correct.
  2. Since the last author’s note (in chapter 24) is pretty afterword-like, I separated it from its chapter and made it a standalone chapter (i.e. an “Afterword”).
  3. I put all the LN illustrations in their proper location within the WN’s text. Not their actual and official location, but PROPER location…

Rant (kinda) on item 3: I have absolutely no clue what the publisher was thinking when placing illustrations. They were WAY OFF from the scene they were supposed to be depicting. And its not a matter of being off by one to two pages, but three to five pages. In a story like this, the whole scene (if not WN chapter) often changes by the time the illustrations show up. When it comes to official publications, doing things like that is what I like to call half-as*ed work.

Wow, this post ended up a lot longer than I intended... Oh well!

Enjoy the story!


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