Death March V8

Apparently there is only one thing that label me as late on my schedule now : It's Slave Harem.. but until RtD fix their serverI won't loose too much on time on it, so it will wait.
The other serie which was late was Death March, which isn't the case anymore !

Actually, I'd forgot about it.. well, but kind people (two) asked me about it today, and so here it is ! Enjoy !


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Anon / 9 Mar 2016 6:09
First time attempting to download since ads were switched to link based. 

I'll be honest, there is no way in hell I am going to disable my adblocker for that shady as hell link shortener site. I don't even need to see the ads and it already screams malware. 

Thank you for the content you have produced thus far, but I guess my ride stops here. I'll check back once in awhile to see if there will be any changes to the ad system. I can't blame you for wanting to try and monetize your largely thankless work, but my computer security is worth so much more than the pennies on the pennies that'd you probably earn off whatever ads I went through to me. 
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Armaell / 9 Mar 2016 7:56
What is screaming malware for you ? is a recognized and trusted company. So if your guts scream at you malware because it's an interstital ad, then it's because you actually go too often on shady illegals downloads website which often use this kind of ad  ; which do not go in your favour as computer security.

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