Starting Over

Yo newcomer here. Though even if I'm a new EPUB creator on Armaell's site, you might know me (though I honestly doubt you do) from the other EPUBs I've made on my blog. And over the next little while I'll be bringing over and linking the stuff from there into here.

So since its Valentine's Day and all, my first EPUB here will of course be a romance novel. It's a short and sweet oneshot about a man who was suddenly given the chance to relive the previous decade of his life. Though unlike most stories with this premise (protagonist came from a regretful and depressed life), this guy was actually in the middle of living a fulfilled and happy life (academics, friends, family, girlfriend, etc).

Personally, if I was thrown into his situation, I'd be pretty damn pissed. But that aside, hope you enjoy the story.


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Armaell / 15 Feb 2016 8:02
You bought me ! Now I need to read it !

Good job on the description text too.
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Nephery / 16 Feb 2016 3:51
Nice! I reeled in the big boss!

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