Gate Thus the JSDF Fought There! V02 to V04

I've started working on Beyond?, and like it was for Transcendence? and Until death? ... It's a pain to do !!
I couldn't do more than 10% before doing another thing.. which it have been Gate. It took me the same time to do those 3 books than the 10%.. fufu

And while I was doing it, I had a melody stuck in my head. It added on my pain and had to search for it... I was pretty sure it was mozart and started to launch a youtube playlist of classical music to find it. And Yes ! It was Mozart - Serenade No. 13 for strings in G major. I was so happy find it, and clear my head for it. But while I was on classical musics, I had to play the Valkyries while doing Gate.

Also, someone uploaded one serie of my ebooks on madoka. I don't really care this much, but just know that a big point of having the website is also so I can get feedback on the books and update them if needed. And it's exactly what happening, I'm preparing a script to do a mass update of my ebooks. Which mean the one on madoka won't be updated of course.

Have a good day guys !


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